Innovation turns into a unique tactile experience

A new revisited version of the iconic Egoway charger with a fresher, more dynamic and elegant look.

Egoway - Glad

A Device that stands out for its compact style, in harmony with the aesthetic taste and refinement of Italian design, and for its outstanding practicality

Egoway - Arena

Careful refinement of the design and attention to aesthetic detail. The soft touch radio control that transforms technological innovation into a palpable experience

Wide range radio remote control even more practical than traditional radio remote controls. Italian elegance in line with Egoway quality standards


Italian design meets oriental philosophy: harmony and sinuosity at your fingertips in an essential and avant-garde device.

Egoway - Charger

Innovative device that acts as a mobile phone charger; its irrefutable technological functionality makes it a unique product as well as resistant and practical

Meet the design

The most modern of radio controls comes from an entirely Italian idea. An innovative project proudly made in Italy, with an authentic style that makes the product appeal at first glance. Internal design and engineering are in perfect symbiosis with the refined electronic design.


An avant-garde perception of the future is our differentiating factor.


Egoway radio remote controls represent the excellence of Italian ingenuity. The harmonious shapes help to make our product elegant, pleasant and refined. This product is designed in the purest Italian style to combine pleasure with practicality of use.


“Straight to receiver”: after the duplication of the original radio control with an Egoway radio control, it will no longer be necessary to carry out complex actions to connect with the receiver. With a simple combination of keys the procedure is carried out automatically.


It is possible to program the new radio control in a few simple actions. Thanks to technology, the rolling code multi-frequency card has up to 4 radio devices in a single remote control.


The proven resistance of the product is guaranteed by the special surface treatment and by the sophisticated internal design. Egoway radio controls are shockproof, anti-crush and anti-slip. The solidity of the envelope is ensured by the screw on the back.


Egoway products follow high standards of comfort and performance.
A smooth soft touch button combined with the shape makes it a joy to hold.


What sets Egoway radio remote controls apart is their universality; their ability to be compatible with a large number of power stations in order to guarantee an optimal reduction in the number of products in the main stocks.


The Egoway company was founded from the entrepreneurial union between experts in the sector and technical specialists who over years have achieved esteemed results.